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Sourcewater gathers, analyzes and visualizes satellite imagery, regulatory data and subsurface insights to show oilfield activity earlier, more completely and more accurately than any other source. Ten U.S. Patents.


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Find Opportunities First

Beat your competition to the next deal with DirtWork Alert™. Patented satellite imagery analytics alert you to new well pads, frac ponds and drilling plans ahead of permit filings and rig movements. We map pre-permit legal notices, permits, rigs, production, pipelines and land. Get daily alerts on drilling and frac plans.


See Oil, Gas & SWD Drilling Plans First

See which operators are preparing to drill oil, gas and disposal wells months ahead of permit filings. Get the earliest notice of potential job bids, offset activity, competition and frac hits.


Optimize Water In & Out

See how much oil, gas and water comes out of and how much water goes into every kind of well to the exact depths and formations. Optimize water sourcing, recycling and disposal with locations and capacities for water wells, frac ponds, water midstream pipelines, recycling facilities, and disposals. See DUCs and fracs.


Find Your Best Water Sources

See patented satellite imagery detection of every Permian frac pond, the only commercial water midstream pipeline maps, plus water wells, treatment facilities and other water sources, many with market pricing, so you can always find the best water sources and infrastructure for your next job.


Max ROI for SWDs

See where to buy or drill disposals and enhance existing assets. Volume, pressure and capacity for every SWD, every month, with true injection intervals and formations. Water flows mapped from O&G wells to commercial SWDs. Disposal pricing. SWD permits, water midstream pipelines, even SWD pre-permit notices from 1,000+ newspapers.


Find the Best Opportunities for Recycling

See who has been or will be producing and flowing back water and where they have been sending it. See where disposal capacity is tight or expensive, so you can spot the best opportunities to treat and recycle water for new completions or offer a disposal alternative.


Save on Moving Water

Water logistics is often the largest LOE. See which leases send water too far or to higher cost disposals when there are closer or better SWDs and water midstream pipelines available. Find frac ponds and water pipelines to save on inbound water. Find logistics savings opportunities to win new business from operators..


Find Deals First

DirtWork Alert™ patented satellite imagery detection of well pads and frac ponds shows the earliest and strongest indicators of oilfield activity, plus permits, rigs, wellbores, land and production. DirtWork Time Machine shows surface activity weekly for two years. Patented Pre-Permit Alerts map legal notices from 1,000+ newspapers.


Proprietary Subsurface Insights

Get the only commercial stratigraphic mapping of 47 Permian disposal formations, with true depths, formations, injection & production intervals, pressures, porosity and permeability, so you can design the best oil, gas and disposal wells. Proprietary maps of 1,500+ geologic fault lines with daily seismicity updates.




Access price, capacity and ownership details from thousands of water and disposal sellers on the Sourcewater Marketplace. Patent pending.



We apply patented AI and Machine Learning methods to show you every new Permian Basin well pad and frac pond within days of construction, months ahead of permits or rigs. Seven U.S. patents granted, more pending.



We scan over 900 local newspapers and thousands of websites daily to map disposal drilling plans weeks or months before permits are filed and map hundreds of water midstream pipelines visible nowhere else. U.S. patent.



We scour federal, state and local permit, well log, land, seismicity and geology records to extract, clean, and contextualize all the oil, gas, water and disposal data in one place. U.S. patent.



We offer the first commercially available subsurface mapping of the 47 Permian disposal formations with true formation depths, active injection intervals, pressures, porosities and permeabilities, as well as over 1,000 fault lines mapped with USGS and TexNet seismicity events overlaid

Proprietary Data Coverage

  • Satellite Imagery / DirtWork Alert
    • Permian Basin well pads, weekly
    • Permian Basin frac ponds, weekly
    • Permian Basin flares, weekly
    • Global satellite imagery, weekly
  • Water Activity & Infrastructure
    • Produced water transfers mapped between producing leases and SWDs, monthly (P-18s)
    • 1,700+ water midstream pipelines
    • 1,000+ market prices for water & disposal
    • SWD Pre-Permit Alert Legal Notices, daily
    • Rig locations, weekly
  • Subsurface Insights
    • Active injection intervals & true formations of injection for all Permian injection & disposal wells
    • 1,783 Permian geologic fault lines mapped

Public Data Coverage

  • Oil & Gas Permits, Wellbores & Infrastructure
    • Oil & gas drilling permits & wellbore statuses, daily
    • Allocated production of oil, gas & water, monthly
    • Crude oil & natural gas pipelines
    • Wellbore locations & operators, 22 U.S. states
  • Oilfield Water & Disposal
    • Disposal & injection well pressures,
    • volumes and capacity utilizations, monthly
    • Permitted injection intervals & formations
    • Disposal well permit statuses
    • Seismicity events, daily
    • Water treatment facilities
    • Injected completions water (Frac Focus)
  • Other Water & Land Data
    • Groundwater well locations, depths, flow rates, quality reports
    • Complete land parcel ownership, Texas & New Mexico
    • Power grid
    • Groundwater basins & districts
    • PLSS Land Survey
    • Aquifers


DirtWork Alert™

DirtWork Alert™ shows you new Permian well pads and frac ponds from patented satellite imagery analytics every five days, overlaid with daily drilling permit updates, wellbore production and rigs, so you can see new drilling plans earlier and with more confidence than from any other source.

DirtWork Alert Time Machine™

DirtWork Alert Time Machine™ lets you scroll back in time weekly up to four years for any location in North America to identify infrastructure development and lease activity patterns.

Permian Subsurface Insights

Overlay seismicity events with proprietary maps of over 1,700 Permian geologic fault lines and true active injection depths and formations for every Permian disposal well to assess risks for new and existing SWDs, down to the best formations for injection.

SWD Pre-Permit Alert™

Patented mapping of daily pre-permit legal notices from over 1,000 Texas and New Mexico newspapers shows you new disposal and injection drilling plans for your customers and competitors, weeks or months before any permits are filed.

Water Midstream Pipelines

See over 1,700 U.S. water midstream pipelines mapped from lease to disposal, with complete surface parcel ownership records and crude and natural gas pipelines for context.

Produced Water Transfers

See the flows of produced water that move from every producing oil and gas well in Texas to every commercial disposal well in Texas every month, along with the monthly oil and gas production volumes and injection volumes and pressures.


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"Sourcewater connects us with the oil and gas community and with water sellers. I have found sources of water to recycle and buy with Sourcewater that I didn't know were available... saving real money."