Watch the Replay: Sourcewater Presentation at DUG Permian, July 2021

By Greg Tsichlis - August 16, 2021

If you were not able to attend this year’s DUG Permian you are in luck.

Watch the video

See Josh Adler, CEO, Sourcewater, as he describes how Sourcewater is using leading edge technologies to provide upstream intelligence in new and revolutionary ways.

During this 30-minute presentation you will learn how:

  • To map and track produced water from every well to every commercial disposal well
  • To better plan where you should build a new disposal well, recycling facility or frac pond
  • Using satellite imagery and GPS data can help you know where the fracs and completions are located to determine water demand, completions and future production – months ahead of regulatory data
  • To detect well pads before a permit is filed or a rig is on site
  • Sourcewater is developing tools to track, in near real-time, proppants, water and crude

Watch the video