Top Geoscientist Delivers Groundbreaking Subsurface Insights

By Sourcewater - January 16, 2020

Our Director of Geoscience, Casee Lemons, has done it again, folks.  Through E&P Magazine’s Energy Innovators Program, she has been recognized as one of Hart Energy’s Top Energy Innovators of 2020.  Casee is among 47 people from various companies in the oil & gas industry — including Fortune 500 companies such as Halliburton and Schlumberger — to receive this award.  Additionally, out of all the honorees, Casee is one of only four women who were selected as Top Energy Innovators of 2020.


This award shines the spotlight on the movers and shakers in the oil and gas industry — those whose actions, contributions, and work are making ripples and moving the industry forward. 


Hart Energy writes…


“Designed to recognize today’s technology Influencers, the program has drawn nominations from throughout the oil and gas industry’s upstream sector. Each honoree has demonstrated leadership and made significant contributions to advancing oil- and gas-related technologies.  As a group, they have helped develop innovations that enhance (or have potential to enhance) their company’s mission (or the industry’s) long-term success.”


Casee is pioneering work in saltwater disposal (SWD) subsurface insights and the application of geoscience analytics to water management strategy — studying what is beneath the earth to understand how to handle the water coproduced with oil and gas.  She is the first in her field to publish, just in the last month, a complete saltwater injection stratigraphy of the Permian, which is the first of its kind.  Hers is the only research to-date that identifies the formations that are used for SWD. With her revolutionary work, Casee is changing the way we look at the surface of the earth, and now, beneath it (with respect to geoscience and water management practices).  She brings innovative methodologies, visualization tools, and strategic applications to handle permitting and regulations. 


Casee’s work is making a big splash in the oil and gas industry – her research, insights, and findings offer SWD subsurface insights, allowing Sourcewater customers to be the first and only to utilize these insights and optimize your water logistics.  At Sourcewater, we use the insights and groundbreaking work of Casee and everyone on the team to bring you the most comprehensive data – ensuring you are always ahead of the competition.


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Casee’s full Energy Innovator profile can be found here.