Kal Walkden

Kal Walkden is a technology executive and marketing technologist with 20+ years of experience delivering successful digital products to market. He is a results-oriented, principled leader with proven ability to build highly productive, happy teams that drive growth, improve effectiveness, and leverage technology to gain a competitive advantage. He is a well-rounded professional with experience in software engineering, user experience design, content marketing, project management, product management, sales, and finance.

For most of his career, he has been building products, leading teams (some small some very large) and delivering quality software to market quickly. Kal spent his untanned youth in South Florida. Forgoing the beach and boating to spend significant hours taking apart hardware, hacking code, and being a Maker long before it was an obvious option to make a career out of it all. He was developing software professionally before the Internet was a household name and has been a leader in organizations ranging in size from start-ups to behemoths like IBM and Philips Electronics. He holds a Master’s degree in parallel and distributed computing from Northwestern University as well as a Bachelors in Computer Engineering from Northwestern University.