Sourcewater Director of Geoscience Contributor to TexNet 2020 Report on Seismic Monitoring in Texas

By Greg Tsichlis - March 12, 2021

Seismic activity is a real concern for our industry. At Sourcewater we understand seismic risk and the importance of managing that risk. It is a serious concern for E&P’s, water disposal companies and water pipeline infrastructure.

That is why we are proud of our Director of Geoscience, Casee Lemons, who is a contributor to the TexNet 2020 Biennial Report on Seismic Monitoring and Research in Texas. This 50+ page report is packed with detailed abstracts including:

  •  Induced Seismicity in the Delaware Basin, West Texas Caused by Hydraulic Fracturing and Wastewater Disposal
  • Tracking Induced Seismicity in the Fort Worth Basin
  • Characteristics of Seismicity in the Eagle Ford Shale Play
  • Improving Absolute Earthquake Location in West Texas
  • Preliminary Hydrogeological Modeling of Produced Water Deep Injection in the Delaware Basin

Download this free report:

Or ask one of our data specialists for a demonstration to see how Sourcewater can help you better understand and reduce the risk related to induced seismicity.

Thank you and congratulations Casee!