Digital Wildcatters Sit Down with Josh Adler, Sourcewater, and Talk: Startups, Enterprise Sales, & Technology Adoption in O&G

By Greg Tsichlis - August 6, 2021


Following the party known as Digital Wildcatters “Energy Tech Night” this past June in Houston, TX, here’s a follow-up.

Digital Wildcatters’ co-founders Jake Corley and Collin McLelland sit down with Sourcewater, Founder/CEO, Josh Adler and have a relaxed discussion on a range of subjects including the evolution of Sourcewater.

Topics range from:

  • Startup staying power and the entrepreneurial spirit – seeking out change and questioning the status quo
  • Enterprise sales – the complexity, long sales cycles and the challenges of working with multiple decision-makers
  • A detour into the Washington D.C. real estate market
  • And finally, how using satellite imagery to identify frac ponds and well pads led to using AI, synthetic aperture radar (SAR) and mobile GPS data to track frac crews and sand truck movement

Sit back and enjoy the show: