Sourcewater CEO, Josh Adler, Gets Personal – Tripping Over the Barrel Podcast

By Greg Tsichlis - July 22, 2021

Josh Adler talks with Digital Wildcatters on Tripping Over the Barrel Podcast

Digital Wildcatters launched a new podcast called “Tripping Over the Barrel”.

The hosts are Jeremy Funk (Dr. Funkenstein) and Tim Loser (T Lo). In this episode they get funky and loose with Josh Adler, Founding CEO, Sourcewater.

This isn’t your typical B2B conversation.  Dr. Funkenstein and T Lo get Josh to open up about his childhood and what happened before he launched Sourcewater (The Technology Leader in Upstream Energy & Water Intelligence).

So listen in as Josh talks about a range of topics and run-ins including:

  • Why he took up Chinese language in middle school
  • Working for President George W. Bush
  • His first startup – a summer debate camp?
  • And his early desire to be the first person to communicate with aliens

Oh, yeah. And a little bit about Sourcewater and how it is pioneering new technologies and applying them to upstream energy and water intelligence.

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