Plans Nearly Triple for New SWD and Injection Wells in Permian in June vs May

By Greg Tsichlis - July 9, 2021
Plans for new injection well activity up in June 2021

Before any permit for a new salt water disposal or injection well can be filed in Texas or New Mexico a public notice of intent is required to be published for public viewing and comment.

Plans, notices and pre-permit filings signaling intent to drill new SWDs in the Permian nearly tripled in June 2021 vs May 2021.

The top operators driving these notices include:
– Occidental Permian
– Hilcorp Energy
– Kinder Morgan Production
– Pilot Water Solutions
– Bridwell Oil

Top formations seeing this activity include:
– Queen, Grayburg, San Andres
– Frio
– Cisco, Canyon Reef
– Delaware Sands

One of Sourcewater’s unique data gathering capabilities is a patented system for scraping over 1,000 local news publications daily to identify and map legal notices for new disposal and injection wells in advance of any permit filing. We call this SWD Pre-Permit Alert. This gives our clients insight into disposal well planning and development across Texas and New Mexico ahead of any other source. 

Sourcewater SWD Pre-Permit Alert allows you to track, monitor and analyze these plans and intent to drill new SWD and injection wells. Our data includes operator, lease, location, formation, well specifications and other details for these new well development plans.


To understand more how Sourcewater can help you identify these business development opportunities, risks to your wells or track your competition request a demo of SWD Pre-Permit Alert