Josh Adler@Digital Wildcatters Energy Tech Night – Announces New Product: FracScape (Watch the video)

By Greg Tsichlis - July 6, 2021
Josh Adler, Founding CEO, Sourcewater, presenting at Digital Wildcatters Energy Tech Night in Houston, June 23, 2021.

Watch the Presentation

The Digital WildCatters Energy Tech Night was just that: an event filled with energy and new technologies showcased with some of the newest, most cutting-edge solutions for the energy challenges of today and tomorrow.

The event took place in The Heights Theater in Houston, TX on June 23, 2021. The house was packed as a series of rapid-fire pitches and presentations were given in this unique setting.

Watch the Presentation

Josh Adler, the founding CEO of Sourcewater, goes into great detail about how their latest product, FracScapeTM , will use anonymized cell phone data, satellite imagery, government records and machine learning to track activity across West Texas and Southeast New Mexico. This new technology would allow oil and gas companies, energy investors and market analysts information about new wells and developments weeks before other firms and months before regulatory documents are filed.

For more information on FracScapeTM please contact or request a complimentary demo.