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News Release

The Global Water Summit 2016, April 19-20 in Abu Dhabi, is focused on the future of global water resources. Leaders in the water industry from business, government and academia will gather to discuss the theme of “Water 2050: the Future is Now.” Josh Adler, Founder and CEO of Sourcewater, lends his expertise to the summit in an industry session titled, “Creating Value: Municipalities and Industry,” where he will share the stage with senior executives from Veolia, Intel, Dow Chemical and Nestlé.

Adler’s research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology inspired him to create Sourcewater, the water exchange for the energy ecosystem, which incentivizes energy companies, agricultural producers, cities and industry to optimize their water utilization by valuing, trading and recycling all types of water for the first time – not just freshwater. In his Global Water Summit appearance, Adler will discuss how the Sourcewater marketplace can assist cities and industry to make beneficial, sustainable use of non-freshwater and wastewater resources, freeing scarce freshwater for essential human and environmental purposes while effectively boosting overall water supplies through greater efficiency, conservation, substitution, investment and technological innovation.

“For most of human history, freshwater was the only useful water, so it’s the only type of water for which we have evolved systems for allocation and distribution. But today, we have many productive energy, industrial, agricultural and municipal water uses that don’t require fresh, potable water, and we also have the technology to transform any quality of water into freshwater. A marketplace that enables searching, valuing and trading all types of water incentivizes positive behaviors such as conservation, substitution, investment in infrastructure and technological innovation. Treating water – all water – as a valuable natural resource is our only path to sustaining global growth in this century.”


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Adler’s appearance at the Global Water Summit 2016 is sponsored by Veolia, a sustainable water technologies company specializing in technical solutions and services to design, build, maintain and upgrade water and wastewater treatment facilities for both industrial and public entities.

Joshua Adler is the Founding CEO of Sourcewater, the water exchange for the energy ecosystem, which he envisioned while a Sloan Fellow for Innovation and Global Leadership at MIT. Sourcewater’s online marketplace enables energy companies to minimize their single largest operating cost, water management, ensures a reliable mission-critical supply chain, and reduces the environmental and community impacts of energy production through market-based incentives. Hundreds of companies have joined since its launch in April 2015 including many of the leading energy producers, and over one billion of barrels of water, treatment, hauling, recycling and disposal capacity are now available online.

Mr. Adler is a successful entrepreneur, angel investor, and world-class communicator who has founded energy, real estate, medical technology, and Internet companies, and served as the Chief Speechwriter to two United States Treasury Secretaries. He is a graduate of Yale University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology whose writing has appeared in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and The Economist.