FreightWaves: Sourcewater Leads Upstream Firms with Geospatial Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

By Greg Tsichlis - March 11, 2021
Sourcewater Satellite imagery
Satellite imagery showing drilling pad and frac pond development

Watch this informative video interview from the Digital Wildcatters and FreightWaves virtual event: Evolve – The Next Evolution of Oil & Gas.

The discussion with Josh Adler, founder and CEO of Sourcewater, and host Max Gagliardi, co-founder of Ancova, covers topics including:

  • The cost of moving water and how to improve efficiency and identify new opportunities for water services
  • How Sourcewater is using A.I. and machine learning in combination with satellite imagery to see drilling activity before the permit is filed
  • How to reduce risk in building or investing in a saltwater disposal well

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