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Sourcewater Featured in Midstream Business Magazine: Water Management: Three Pipes in a Ditch

Based on volumes of production, the industry that calls itself “the oil and gas business” should properly be called the “saltwater business.” In some conventional and most shale plays, there are six or eight barrels (bbl) of water brought to the surface for every barrel equivalent of hydrocarbons. What to do with it? Posted on…

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The Oil Business is the Water Business

Most people outside the energy industry don’t know that the average onshore oil well produces ten times the volume of water as oil, all day, every day. In fact, the cost of dealing with this “produced water” is the primary cost of operating an oil or gas well. Moving, treating and disposing of water is half to two-thirds…

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Ban on Energy Exports

To the Editor: Re “Oil Exports and Renewable Energy” (editorial, Dec. 15): The United States’ ban on energy exports didn’t make sense in 1975, and makes even less sense now. According to the Energy Information Administration report you cite, the ban saves American refiners much less than it costs American energy producers, without benefit to…

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